WA Member Only Resources

WA Member Only Resources include: Alcohol and the Role of Local Government – iLecture Curtin University 18 July 2013; Best Practice Manual – Manual to guide EHOs; Is Fraccing good for your health? –Research Findings on Health and Fraccing; The Critical Decade 2013: Climate Change – Key Findings and Report; Urban food security, urban resilience and climate change - Report; EHA (WA) – Journal ‘Environmental Health WA’ – All editions since 2010; Mentoring Program – Guidelines for Mentors and Mentees; EHO Relieving Officers Listing

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WA General Resources

WA General Resources include: Constitution; EHO Employment in WA; EHA (WA)Journal-Environmental Health WA; EHO Careers Video; Environmental Health Officers Cadetship Program 2013; Harold Salter Award; Know Asbestos in your home; Local Government Careers Brochure; Workforce Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2012; Other Resources.

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